Metro Rod THICC Unturned Item ID

Metro Rod THICC Unturned Item

Metro Rod THICC

Legendary Fisher • Elver Map

Official Description

Used to catch Fish and Crafting Items in the Fisherman's Grove or Floating Island. Better than the Fishing Rod Mk.I.

What is the Metro Rod THICC unturned item id?

The item id for Metro Rod THICC in unturned is 57116. You can use this ID with the commands below to spawn the item, give it to a player or buy it on a modded economy server.

IDs & Commands

Extra Information

Useable: Fisher

Size_X: 5

Size_Y: 1

Size_Z: 0.19

Reward_ID: 57007

Blueprints: 1

Blueprint_0_Type: Tool

Blueprint_0_Supplies: 1

Blueprint_0_Supply_0_ID: 57116

Blueprint_0_Product: 67

Blueprint_0_Products: 3

Blueprint_0_Build: 27