Sight Unturned Item IDs

Search, copy and use Unturned item ids. Including items from official and curated maps.

Item Name Item ID Type Rarity
Eaglefire Iron Sights 5 Sight Common
Timberwolf Iron Sights 19 Sight Common
8x Scope 21 Sight Rare
Red Cross Scope 22 Sight Uncommon
Schofield Iron Sights 102 Sight Common
Hawkhound Iron Sights 110 Sight Common
Bluntforce Iron Sights 114 Sight Common
Honeybadger Iron Sights 118 Sight Common
Zubeknakov Iron Sights 124 Sight Common
Nykorev Iron Sights 128 Sight Common
Snayperskya Iron Sights 131 Sight Common
Dragonfang Iron Sights 134 Sight Common
Red Dot Sight 146 Sight Uncommon
Red Halo Sight 147 Sight Uncommon
Red Chevron Scope 148 Sight Uncommon
7x Scope 153 Sight Rare
16x Scope 296 Sight Epic
Grizzly Iron Sights 299 Sight Common
Shadowstalker Scope 302 Sight Legendary
Crossbow Iron Sights 349 Sight Common
Compound Iron Sights 358 Sight Common
Maplestrike Iron Sights 364 Sight Common
Rifle Iron Sights 475 Sight Common
Makeshift Scope 476 Sight Common
Sportshot Iron Sights 486 Sight Common
Rocket Iron Sights 521 Sight Common
Matamorez Iron Sights 1001 Sight Common
Red Kobra Sight 1004 Sight Uncommon
Sabertooth Iron Sights 1019 Sight Common
Peacemaker Iron Sights 1025 Sight Common
Viper Iron Sights 1028 Sight Common
Heartbreaker Iron Sights 1038 Sight Common
Yuri Iron Sights 1043 Sight Common
Nightvision Military Scope 1201 Sight Legendary
Tank Scope 1301 Sight Common
Augewehr Scope 1363 Sight Epic
Vonya Iron Sights 1367 Sight Common
Bulldog Iron Sights 1370 Sight Common
Fusilaut Iron Sights 1376 Sight Common
Nightraider Iron Sights 1378 Sight Common
Card Iron Sights 1380 Sight Common
Ekho Iron Sights 1383 Sight Common
ShadowstalkerMk2 Scope 1442 Sight Mythical
Scalar Iron Sights 1448 Sight Common
MP40 Iron Sights 1478 Sight Common
Empire Iron Sights 1482 Sight Common
Bane Iron Sights 1486 Sight Common
Swissgewehr Iron Sights 1489 Sight Common
Chimera Iron Sights 3514 Sight Common
Lancer Scope 3519 Sight Legendary
Backlash Iron Sights 3521 Sight Common
Lockdown Iron Sights 3524 Sight Common
CA M4 Sight 4011 Sight Common
CA XM PDW Sight 4029 Sight Common
CA Assault Scope 4070 Sight Epic
CA 6x Scope 4071 Sight Epic
CA Reflex 4073 Sight Uncommon
CA Galil Sight 4075 Sight Common
CA SV Scope 4095 Sight Legendary
CA AWM Scope 4099 Sight Legendary
Monarchist Iron Sights 5002 Sight Common
Heatwave Iron Sights 5004 Sight Common
Mirage Scope 5007 Sight Legendary
Sandstorm Iron Sights 5014 Sight Common
Kuwait Ekho Scope 5020 Sight Legendary
Compound Iron Sights 5028 Sight Common
Crossbow Scope 5030 Sight Common
Colonizer Iron Sights 5034 Sight Common
Kuwait Kobra Sight 5064 Sight Uncommon
Kuwait 7x Scope 5065 Sight Rare
Kuwait Dot Sight 5066 Sight Uncommon
Kuwait Halo Sight 5067 Sight Uncommon
Kuwait Chevron Scope 5068 Sight Uncommon
Kuwait Cross Scope 5069 Sight Uncommon
Kuwait 8x Scope 5070 Sight Rare
Kuwait 12x Scope 5071 Sight Epic
Swissgewher Iron Sights 5123 Sight Common
Reefer Iron Sights 6611 Sight Common
Unkown Iron Sights 6614 Sight Common
Famae Iron Sights 6627 Sight Common
Halimaw Iron Sights 6717 Sight Common
Celtic Iron Sights 6724 Sight Common
Eruption Iron Sights 6741 Sight Common
Injector Iron Sights 8015 Sight Common
Colpo Iron Sights 8016 Sight Common
Taurus Iron Sights 8049 Sight Common
Dragonmaw Iron Sights 8064 Sight Common
Lancehead Iron Sights 8066 Sight Common
IR Wezel Sign 15037 Sight Common
IR Dagger Scope 15045 Sight Rare
IR Zabubenkov Scope 15049 Sight Rare
IR Jambo Scope 15054 Sight Mythical
Frost Pump Sight 36126 Sight Common
Frost LMG Sight 36141 Sight Common
Frost FAL Sight 36449 Sight Common
Frost Sight 4x 36456 Sight Rare
Frost Sight 6x 36457 Sight Rare
Frost Sight 8x 36458 Sight Rare
Frost Sight Dot 36459 Sight Rare
Frost Sight Holo 36514 Sight Rare
Frost AWP Sight 36541 Sight Common
Frost Christopher Sight 36542 Sight Common
Frost FAMAS Sight 36543 Sight Common
Frost MP5 Sight 36544 Sight Common
Frost SMG Sight 36545 Sight Common
Frost Sight 5x 36547 Sight Rare
Frost Sight Makeshift 36548 Sight Rare
Frost AR Sight 36577 Sight Common
Metro SVD Scope 57030 Sight Epic
Metro AR Good Sight 57059 Sight Rare
Metro Scope 4x 57094 Sight Epic
Metro Scope 4x Gray 57095 Sight Epic
Metro Sight 0 57096 Sight Epic
Metro Scope 6x 57097 Sight Epic
Metro AR Civ Sight 57105 Sight Rare
Metro SMG Sight 57129 Sight Rare
Metro Police Sight 57136 Sight Rare
Metro DMR Mili Sight 57139 Sight Rare
Metro Sight 1 57144 Sight Epic
Metro LMG Sight 57147 Sight Rare
Metro Skilark Sight 57165 Sight Rare
Metro AR Bullpup Sight 57206 Sight Rare
Metro Scope 4x Gold 57475 Sight Legendary
Metro Scope 6x Gold 57479 Sight Legendary
Metro Blaster Sight 57491 Sight Epic
Metro Eaglefire Iron Sights 57499 Sight Common
Metro Heartbreaker Iron Sights 57503 Sight Common
Metro P90 Sights 57510 Sight Rare
Metro AR Civ Bayonet Sight 57521 Sight Rare
Metro Ash Sight 57547 Sight Rare
Metro Sight Makeshift 57669 Sight Uncommon
Metro Bow Sight 57671 Sight Mythical
Metro Scope 4x Snowy 57693 Sight Epic
Metro Scope Makeshift 57726 Sight Uncommon
PS AR20 Holo 59261 Sight Rare
PS HoneyB Irons 59293 Sight Uncommon
PS Pistol Holo 0 59297 Sight Rare
PS Hunting Scope 59300 Sight Uncommon
PS Kobra Sight 0 59310 Sight Rare
PS PSO Scope 59313 Sight Rare
PS Bluesteel Scope 59318 Sight Rare
PS ASHK1 Scope 59321 Sight Rare
PS AR-16 Irons 59333 Sight Uncommon
PS Holotech Scope 0 59349 Sight Rare
PS RPG Scope 59359 Sight Epic
PS Holotech Sight 0 59383 Sight Rare
PS Holotech Sight 1 59384 Sight Rare
PS 8x Scope 59393 Sight Epic
PS Pistol Holo 1 59410 Sight Rare
PS Ghost Sight 0 59435 Sight Rare
PS Pistol Holo 2 59437 Sight Rare
PS ASHK1 Sight 59499 Sight Rare
PS Holotech Scope 1 59654 Sight Rare
PS OKP Sight 0 59707 Sight Rare
PS PSO M Scope 59770 Sight Epic
PS Panoramic Sight 0 59771 Sight Rare
PS Phantom Scope 0 59772 Sight Rare
PS Nemesis Scope 59780 Sight Epic
PS Phantom Scope 1 59786 Sight Rare
PS Redline Scope 59804 Sight Epic
PS OK0 Sight 0 59837 Sight Rare
PS Rangefinder Scope 59882 Sight Epic
PS Deagle Scope 59951 Sight Epic