Fuel Unturned Item IDs

Search, copy and use Unturned item ids. Including items from official and curated maps.

Item Name Item ID Type Rarity
Gas 28 Fuel Uncommon
Jerrycan Maple 1114 Fuel Common
Jerrycan Birch 1115 Fuel Common
Jerrycan Pine 1116 Fuel Common
Gas Large 1440 Fuel Rare
Kuwait Gas Can 5535 Fuel Uncommon
Kuwait Jerry Can 5539 Fuel Epic
Kuwait Palm Gas Can 5557 Fuel Common
Frost Gas 36077 Fuel Rare
Frost Gas Large 36078 Fuel Rare
Frost Gas Makeshift 36087 Fuel Rare
Metro Gas 57340 Fuel Rare
Metro Gas Large 57341 Fuel Epic
Metro Jerrycan Pine 57480 Fuel Common
PS Gas 59129 Fuel Uncommon
PS Gas Plastic 59519 Fuel Rare
PS Gas Plastic Industrial 59959 Fuel Epic