Barrel Unturned Item IDs

Search, copy and use Unturned item ids. Including items from official and curated maps.

Item Name Item ID Type Rarity
Military Suppressor 7 Barrel Epic
Honeybadger Barrel 117 Barrel Common
Ranger Suppressor 144 Barrel Epic
Military Barrel 149 Barrel Rare
Military Muzzle 150 Barrel Rare
Crossbow Barrel 350 Barrel Common
Bow Barrel 354 Barrel Common
Makeshift Muffler 477 Barrel Common
Matamorez Barrel 1002 Barrel Common
Nailgun Barrel 1167 Barrel Common
Ranger Muzzle 1190 Barrel Rare
Ranger Barrel 1191 Barrel Rare
Paintballgun Barrel 1338 Barrel Common
Bluntforce Muffler 1444 Barrel Common
CA CS5 Supressor 4067 Barrel Common
CA Maxim Supressor 4103 Barrel Common
Kuwait Arbiter Suppressor 5054 Barrel Rare
Kuwait Ranger Suppressor 5072 Barrel Epic
Kuwait Ranger Muzzle 5073 Barrel Rare
Kuwait Military Suppressor 5075 Barrel Epic
Kuwait Military Muzzle 5076 Barrel Rare
Kuwait Accelerator Suppressor 5125 Barrel Rare
Kuwait Rattlesnake Suppressor 5139 Barrel Epic
BB Barrel 8075 Barrel Common
Frost Barrel Dmg Baby 36143 Barrel Rare
Frost Barrel Dmg Big 36144 Barrel Legendary
Frost Barrel Recoil Baby 36145 Barrel Rare
Frost Barrel Recoil Big 36146 Barrel Legendary
Frost Silencer Baby 36147 Barrel Rare
Frost Silencer Big 0 36148 Barrel Legendary
Frost Silencer Big 1 36149 Barrel Legendary
Frost Barrel Crossy 36332 Barrel Uncommon
Frost Silencer Shotgun 36517 Barrel Rare
Frost Barrel Shotgun 36518 Barrel Rare
Frost Silencer MP5 36567 Barrel Rare
CA Military Suppressor 42009 Barrel Epic
Metro Barrel Heavy 57217 Barrel Epic
Metro Barrel Muzzle 57218 Barrel Epic
Metro Barrel Suppressor 57219 Barrel Epic
Metro Barrel Suppressor Pistol 57220 Barrel Rare
Metro Barrel Booster 57223 Barrel Mythical
Metro Barrel Muzzle Break 57279 Barrel Epic
Metro Barrel Suppressor Mosca 57505 Barrel Mythical
Metro Barrel Suppressor VAL 57506 Barrel Mythical
Metro Barrel Crossy 57514 Barrel Mythical
PS PN10S Barrel 59257 Barrel Common
PS Pistol Comp 59298 Barrel Uncommon
PS Pistol Comp 1 59301 Barrel Uncommon
PS Zolash Suppressor 59324 Barrel Epic
PS Pistol Suppressor 59328 Barrel Rare
PS GP Suppressor 59347 Barrel Common
PS Tikhiy Supressor 59367 Barrel Common
PS Zolash Muzzle 59661 Barrel Epic
PS Zolash Muzzle Gold 59699 Barrel Epic
PS Honey B Suppressor 59843 Barrel Common
PS MS Supressor 59928 Barrel Common
PS Colt Suppressor 59933 Barrel Common
PS Nailgun Supressor 59954 Barrel Common