Frost Mag GL Unturned Item ID

Frost Mag GL Unturned Item

Frost Mag GL

Epic Magazine • A6-polaris Map

Official Description

40mm Caliber
0.5s Arming Time
1000 Zombie Damage
0 Structure Damage
800 Vehicle Damage
12m Explosion R

What is the Frost Mag GL unturned item id?

The item id for Frost Mag GL in unturned is 36571. You can use this ID with the commands below to spawn the item, give it to a player or buy it on a modded economy server.

IDs & Commands

Extra Information

Amount: 1

Calibers: 1

Caliber_0: 36011

Blueprints: 1

Blueprint_0_Type: Tool

Blueprint_0_Supplies: 1

Blueprint_0_Supply_0_ID: 36412

Blueprint_0_Supply_0_Amount: 1

Blueprint_0_Level: 1

Blueprint_0_Skill: Craft

Blueprint_0_Build: 27

Actions: 1

Action_0_Type: Blueprint

Action_0_Source: 36412

Action_0_Blueprints: 1

Action_0_Blueprint_0_Index: 2

Action_0_Text: ▼Craft

Action_0_Tooltip: ▼Create