EI Box Unturned Item ID

EI Box Unturned Item

EI Box

Common Box • All Maps

Official Description

There is no official description for this item yet

What is the EI Box unturned item id?

The item id for EI Box in unturned is 959. You can use this ID with the commands below to spawn the item, give it to a player or buy it on a modded economy server.

IDs & Commands

Extra Information

Size_X: 1

Size_Y: 1

Size_Z: 0.65

Generate: 21042

Probability_Model: Equalized

Contains_Bonus_Items: True

Drops: 16

Drop_0: -1

Drop_1: 87201

Drop_2: 87301

Drop_3: 87401

Drop_4: 87501

Drop_5: 87601

Drop_6: 87701

Drop_7: 87801

Drop_8: 87901

Drop_9: 88001

Drop_10: 88101

Drop_11: 88201

Drop_12: 88301

Drop_13: 88401

Drop_14: 88501

Drop_15: 88601